Urgent requirement of retired naval officer/Master Chief Petty Officer 1st class/Master Chief Petty Officer 2nd class /Chief Petty Officer to conduct theory classes on Underwater Diving for trainees of Aquatic Disaster Response Forces <-> Lt. Gen. Syed Ata Hasnain PVSM, UYSM, AVSM, SM, VSM**(Retd), Member of NDMA, along with Col. Nadeem visited Sea Explorers’ Institute on 2nd February, 2024. <-> SCUBA diving course begin shortly. Candidates please apply. <-> VISIT OUR MANGROVE NURSERY AT OUTRAM GHAT, KOLKATA <-> SEI has launched project 'Ghat Committee' for Safe and Clean Ghats of River Hooghly. Sponsorship for this is requested. <->

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Books & Publications

Sea Explorers’ Institute has brought out a series of publications of its own, based on marine subjects.

Ghater Kotha. Kichhu Tothyo, Kchhu Golpo (2022)

Sea Explorers’ Institute launched a book called " Ghater Kotha. Kichhu Tothyo, Kchhu Golpo '' a ready reckoner on 42 ghats of Kolkata.

Experiencing Alaknanda (2018)

This pictorial book unravels mysteries about the river Alaknanda. It documents an expedition from the Alkapuri glacier to Devprayag through treking, rafting and rowing. It also captures other aspects of the Alaknanda basin like landscape, flora, fauna, climate, livelihoods and hydro power projects.

Exploring River Yamuna (2016)

An exhaustive survey of the river Yamuna by members of SEI through tracking, rafting and rowing from the Yamunotri glacier to Prayag.

Ocean Expeditions (2015)

This book records the history of the early voyages and trading routes since the dawn of man’s quest to know the oceans and land masses across the world. It covers the earliest oceanic routes for silk, gold and spice trading including a brief history of the sea voyagers and the preparation of ocean atlases. It has also given an updated history of the sea voyages across the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian sea ventured by the SEI since its inception in 1985.

Rediscovering Ganga (2015)

The river ganga is the lifeline of our civilization. Each Indian, irrespective of his/her creed, caste and religion, treats the Ganga as holy river. The SEI ventured to make an exhaustive survey of the river both by sailing down the river also travelling along the bank from the source to mouth, i.e from Gomukh to Gangasagar, through trekking , rafting , kayaking and rowing. This book has depicted the state of river from Gomukh to Ganganagar covering course of river, confluence of Prayag, important archaeological sites, pollution of river, structural interventions etc. supported by distinctive photographs.

Kalapani (2015)

The experience of the daring rowing and sailing expedition from Kolkata to Port Blair (Andaman Islands) in 2013 facing the mighty waves of the Bay of Bengal in a tiny uncovered and non-motorised boat named ‘Indira’ has been presented in this book. Tapas Chowdhury, leader of the expedition team, comprising 6 young explorers, has written this book.

Uncharted Seafarers of Bengal (2015)

This book gives an authentic account about the ‘Longest Coastal Expedition’ in India (Friendship 1994-95) along with other remarkable expeditions. The book has been written by Arindam Bose and Ranjit Karunakar, the expedition participants.

Quest (2013)

Quest is a memoir of a rowing and sailing expedition to the Nicobar Islands.

Dare – Pale Bangladesher Pathe (2013)

This book gives an account of the rowing and sailing expedition through the riverine Sundarbans, home of the largest mangrove forest in the world to reach Khulna in neighbouring Bangladesh in 2005. This rowing and sailing expedition, organised by the Institute had to be modified. Administrative problems cropped up. The expedition team members were denied visas. The destination had to be changed to Bagna on the Bangladesh Border. It is a book which can be regarded as chronicle of a noteworthy expedition covering the Sunderbans.

Vivek Yatra (2013)

It is a pictorial album on the rowing and sailing expedition from Kolkata to Port Blair (Andaman Islands), in 2013 with a view to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. This event deserves to be preserved as an authentic document as regards a daring expedition facing mighty waves of the Bay of Bengal in a small uncovered and no-motorised boat named ‘Indira’, capable of moving with the use of oars and sail only.

Pinakir Katha (2012)

This book contains a reprint on Andaman Abhijan written by Pinaki Ranjan Chatterjee, founder of SEI and how others perceived him.

Atlas of Changing River Courses in West Bengal (2012)

This is an atlas of changing river courses in West Bengal between 1767 and 2010 that would help in combating hydro ecological crisis.

Andaman Abhijan – Pinakir Katha (2012)

The quest for the beyond, the passion for the unknown was very much rooted deeply in Pinaki. The manuscript of Pinaki Ranjan Chatterjee that was left behind, was later compiled and printed out in 1995 as ‘Andaman Abhijan’. It was an account in diary form of his exciting expedition from Kolkata to Port Blair (Andaman Islands) in a small dingi boat (18 ft.), unescorted rowing over the vast span of Bay of Bengal along with George Albert Duke in the year 1969. The chronicle has been recently brought out again with proper supplementary back up – giving a glimpse of the nature and personality of the rare character, Pinaki.

Sudur Bipul Sudur (2012)

This book under the caption ‘Sudur Bipul Sudur’ gives an account of the perilous journey over the vast span of Bay of Bengal. The expedition commenced from Kolkata on the 1st January, 1992 with the target to reach ‘Indira Point’ on the southern most point of Niccobar Island. The boat used for this expedition was a 27 ft long open fibre glass boat obtained from the Indian Navy which was operated by rowing and sailing. It was on the 8th February, 1992 that the explorers touched the land at Indira Point.

Mabhoi (2011)

This book gives an account of High sea expedition programme from Kolkata to Chennai along the east coast of our country. The expedition commenced from Kolkata on December, 2008 and halted at Paradwip. After pause for some days, they commenced journey from Paradwip and reached Visakhapatnam. The first phase of the programme ended at Visakhapatnam. The 2nd phase of the programme commenced from Visakhapatnam and came to an end with the team reaching Chennai.

Ocean (2009)

This book is outcome of untiring research undertaken by academics, scientists and practitioners. It not only analyses the marine ecology, but also provides insightful findings like global warming, leading to sea-level rise and sinking islands and other important aspects. The book is being distinct in terms of its content and extremely contextual in the present world, would undoubtedly serve as a knowledge base for researchers and as a handbook for planners and policy makers of the country. The Sea Explorers’ Institute aims at igniting the youth with the spirit of adventure and the passion for perilous voyages across the limitless expanses of the deep blue sea. With this motto, the institute has launched in the last over two decades, a number of sea and river expeditions being part of its most important activities. Each expedition has been crowned with success. It was however, being felt for sometime past that printed documentation of these expeditions has to be done essentially as, otherwise, these successful feats will be lost in oblivion. Rigorous attempts were accordingly made to prepare for documentation of the past expeditions in consultation with the old records available. So far, the following books could be published pertaining to two past expeditions while attempt is going on for documentation of other achievement in this field.

20 years on the waves (2007)

This book is a collection of work undertaken by the SEI from its inception in 1987 to 2006.

Marine Disaster: Impacts, Lessons, Remedies (2005)

It is true that nature’s whims cannot be predicted, but preparedness to face disaster helps a lot. Remedial measures or Disaster preparedness, to rectify the lapses in disaster mitigation and management system. This is a handbook containing papers read by distinguished persons present at a seminar, organised by the Institute, on this theme.

Marinescape-Creativity and Crisis of Bengal (2005)

SEI has long been taking up the cause of our rivers and seas with a broad cross section of society by organising creative programmes. This is a handbook containing abstract papers presented by distinguished writers on the theme.

Nadir Sange Dekha (2003)

This is a collection of poetry and sketches by eminent poets bringing forth their perception of the river.

Medical First-aid (2000)

It is a comprehensive handbook on first-aid covering all kinds of injuries and drowning.

Personal Safety and Rescue operation (1998)

SEI conducts training activities in the field of maritime and riverine activities. The institute has framed a training course on personal safety and rescue operations in water. The objective is to train people for rescue operation in water.

The River and the city Calcutta perspective (1998)

The people of Kolkata depend on the Ganga for trade, transport, water, fish, religious rituals etc. But the slow, silent decadence of the river has spelt an increase in the misery of the masses. Drawing attention to the alarming magnitude of the problem, SEI organised a seminar with an eye to evolving a meaningful policy and recommendation for improvement of both the river and the city.

Man and Ocean (1997)

It embraces a large field of science, viz. Physics, Chemistry, Hydrogeology and several other disciplines. It deals with various aspects of ocean in relation to man.

Andaman Abhijan (1991)

This is chronicle of the expedition from Calcutta to Andaman on board ‘Kanhoji Angre’, by Pinaki Ranjan Chatterjee and George Albert Duke in the year 1969. It is a book on the dreams of the two young adventurers come true.

Coast Zone Management of West Bengal (1990)

Dealing with some critical matters relating to estuarine and coastal environment in West Bengal, this book emphasizes the need to draw up an Action plan for coast zone management.