Pentathlon Competition 2023, Phase II (comprising of Kayaking, Rowing and Sailing) commenced on 21.11.2023. <-> The 48th batch on Environmental Analyst Course will start from December 2023. Admissions open. Please hurry. <-> Pentathlon Competition 2023, Phase I (comprising of Trekking & Rafting) completed on 10.10.2023. <-> Stress Management programme for Pentathlon participants held on 29th September, 2023 <-> VISIT OUR MANGROVE NURSERY AT OUTRAM GHAT, KOLKATA <-> SEI has launched project 'Ghat Committee' for Safe and Clean Ghats of River Hooghly. Sponsorship for this is requested. <->

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5th June 2023 World Environment Day celebration

A brief glimpse of the Highlights of SEI's navigating career.


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Sea Explorers' Institute celebrated the World Environment Day by carrying out a mangrove plantation drive along the Sundari Ghat. We know that mangroves are a remedy for threats arising from climate change. Stalwart researchers like Dr Pranabes Sanyal, Dr Punarbasu Chowdhury and Dr Sumit Mandal joined an open house discussion with renowned practitioners like Uma Shankar Mondal to understand whether Kolkata will benefit from the migrating mangroves. Dr Sudeshna Chatterjee said that the institute is open for scholars who wish to monitor these mangroves that were planted today and document its findings.