Pentathlon Competition 2023, Phase II (comprising of Kayaking, Rowing and Sailing) commenced on 21.11.2023. <-> The 48th batch on Environmental Analyst Course will start from December 2023. Admissions open. Please hurry. <-> Pentathlon Competition 2023, Phase I (comprising of Trekking & Rafting) completed on 10.10.2023. <-> Stress Management programme for Pentathlon participants held on 29th September, 2023 <-> VISIT OUR MANGROVE NURSERY AT OUTRAM GHAT, KOLKATA <-> SEI has launched project 'Ghat Committee' for Safe and Clean Ghats of River Hooghly. Sponsorship for this is requested. <->

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Sea Explorers’ Institute has brought out a series of publications of its own, based on marine subjects.

Dr. Pinaki Ranjan Chatterjee (28 March 1945 - 23 September 1983), a distinguished scientist, philosopher, explorer, voyager, swimmer and oarsman was the founder of Sea Explorers’ Institute, India. Pinaki Chatterjee was born into a learned brahmin family in Kolkata, West Bengal in India. He was the eldest child of Rathindranath Chatterjee (father) and Nilima Chatterjee (mother). In 1969, at the age of 23, Pinaki Chatterjee along with George Albert Duke of Indian Navy, rowed for 36 days from Calcutta, along the treacherous Bay of Bengal, to Port Blair, Andaman. For this unprecedented historic voyage, the duo was honoured by the then President of India, Dr. Zakir Hussain, Prime Minister Mrs. India Gandhi and many others. Dr. Chatterjee conceptualised the idea of an institute that would unearth the resources of the Sea and would also promote adventure and exploration. Thus, developed the concept of the Sea Explorers’ Institute. Pinaki had some revolutionary ideas around sustainability and sustenance of human being. One such idea was to create floating islands that could join to form a larger island. This concept that he envisioned could be used by vulnerable populations to overcome natural calamities. Pinaki was immensely influenced by the Norwegian adventurer, Thor Heyerdahl. He wanted to row to Indonesia to understand more about the maritime challenges of the sea route and the effects of current. He was planning for this expedition under the banner of his dream organisation “Sea Explorers’ Institute” that remained incomplete because of his untimely demise. Four decades will be completed on 23rd September 2023 since the fateful day that we lost him. Today, on behalf of the fraternity of Sea Explorers’ Institute, family and friends, we remember Him with a promise to fulfil all his dreams in making this world a better place to live.

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Batch No. 234 (ODRAF)

Batch no. 232 & 233 (NDRF)

Pentathlon Competition.

Batch No. 231

Batch No. 230

Batch No. 229

Pollution Management Course

ENVA Course

OBM course

B: 228 ODRAF

B;227 Daman

Batch- 226 NDRF

World Environment Day Celebration 2023

World Environment Day.

Civil Diving

Underwater Diving

Environmental Analyst Course, Batch-47.

Rajasthan SDRF

An air quality monitoring unit being set up by Kolkata University at SEI premises.

Batch no. 218 & 219

Howrah Civil Volunteer 20 personnel

NDRF & Dakshin Dinajpur police 50 + 15

Approved by the WBSCVT

Batch no. R-40

Durga Puja immersion duty.

A batch of 15 students begin their course to increase their marine awareness and aquatic skills.

A batch of 11 candidates successfully completed a two week SCUBA diving course

Voyage from Kolkata to Birlapur and back will flag off on 22nd August, 22

The 46th batch on Environmental Analyst Course beginning in September 2022. Seats are limited. Hurry and apply.

Sea Explorers’ Institute opening up its coveted Scuba Diving Course for civilians. Interested candidates, contact SEI

The West Bengal Police Aquatic Disaster Management Course is beginning on 8th August, 2022